Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Did you know that the pineneedle collective is having a giveaway? You could win 
these awesome sweater pins! I'm a huge fan of adventure time so I am totally in.
The above is my drawing entry for the giveaway. I haven't drawn
anything basically since highschool so doing something creative like
this again was interesting haha. I really hope she likes it!
Also the ponies sweatshirt outfit is totally my favorite
outfit of hers. (see below)

Aren't they awesome!?!?!?!?!? I really like that her giveaway
is something she made by hand. And it's pretty original to say the least. 
I love how personal it is. Also it's awesome because I love adventure time!

She also has a totally cool style. She's super thrifty and resourceful. She makes
super cute things like tapestry shorts and other magical things. 
I'm really inspired by her not to mention
I've been a huge fan for some time now.

Long live the Pineneedle Collective!

If you want to enter the giveaway
click here!

Thanks for Reading

Mary xx


  1. Your drawing is really adorable! I love it soooo much! You're talented! :)

  2. You are LUMPING FANTASTIC!!!!! You should definitely take up drawing again , you've got some awesome talent!! And I am just blushing so much about those lovely words you wrote about me. And I can't get over how awesome that drawing is. Oh my goodness, you're so awesome:)

  3. Oh my! This illustration is so amazing, you are so talented. It's just Annika :)! <3

  4. I love your look.