Friday, July 12, 2013

Wholesale 7 Haul #2

Hey everyone I've got another mini wholesale7 haul coming at you. It's been a long time since I've bought products from wholesale7 but out of the blue I just decided to grab a few things that caught my fancy-- now here I am back with another haul for you guys. Again, I bought all these items with my own money none of this was sent to me free. If you're interested in a tutorial in how to buy things on this website as well as another review click here. If you want to see a review of shoes from wholesale7 click here.

Okay so let's move onto the haul I received.
Starting with the stock photos

What I received:
Okay, first of all the description on this thing says it's "rubber" which is a blatant lie. There is nothing rubber about this (I suppose if you consider PU leather rubber ?) but the wing embellishments on this baby feel sort of like porcelain? or plastic definitely not cheap feeling plastic though it's very sturdy. The thing I don't really like about it is how it feels really bulky and heavy since the wings are made of a heavy material. It looks exactly like the picture and everything but I noticed there are minor scratches or blemishes on the left sandal. Still pretty pleased though!


What I Received

I don't really have any complaints about this item. It looks strikingly the same in the stock photo (even has the same logo on the bottom go figure). I don't think I've ever gotten an item from this site that was so similar to the stock photo-- yes I'm saying this site is usually hit or miss and these platforms happen to be my biggest hit yet! Okay I lied about having no complaints I do have one: the way it was packaged was stupid since it damaged and wrinkled the left shoe's little gold thing slightly :c You can see it on the picture if you look closely. Although what can I really expect with how packages are treated in transit these days?

What I Received
Okay so it's pretty obvious that the flowers in the stock photo are way brighter than the actual dress. But I could sort of tell that the photo was retouched and the brightness seemed like it was amped up. So I was already expecting it to be this way. I'm a little mixed because I actually prefer the flowers being like this. I'm really happy with this dress the pattern reminds me of one of Wildfox's sweaters. It's perfect for summer since it's chiffon and has short sleeves! I'm really happy it's shaped the same and there were no loose threads!


What I Received
Haha, I know it's strange how I posted two pictures of this item but I just wanted to show you all how amazing the sides on these platforms are. It's as if there are pyramids on them. They aren't even printed on like they are actually shaped like that and jut out and everything.These shoes are uh-may-zing. Again wholesale7 gives me a break by giving me something that looks exactly like the stock photo. Even the logo on the bottom appears to be the same. Also these are my favorites since I really love unique looking shoes. I just can't find anything bad about these shoes so I am giving them a 5. c:

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  1. Wow nice haul!
    Really digging #2 & #6

  2. these are so unique! omg! I love the first one! Show me your ways!

  3. I really like your shoes! I greet: )

  4. OMG! I love those winged sandals! they are super cute, they actually remind me for some reason of Sailor Moon haha. I love your blog it's so cute.
    I've just started following you on GFC :) ~ a Korean beauty, travel, life style blog^^

  5. Love the sdies of those black platforms!!

    Xo, Hannah

  6. Love them! That dress is gorgeous!

  7. I appreciate this post so much, I've been thinking about ordering from wholesale7 but haven't found any reviews until now. Thank you!

  8. I hope that you can read this. I discovered wholesale7 yesterday and i liked six pairs of shoes and I can't believe the low prices but I'm afraid that they could be very different to the stock photos, should i buy them?
    Sorry if my english is bad. ñ_ñ'