Thursday, June 21, 2012

How to shop at Wholesale7 + Haul Review

Disclaimer: I did not receive this in the mail as an affiliate, I bought everything
in this review with my own money.

What about Wholesale7?
I found this site because I was a poor college student who wanted to have cute clothes. I grew tired really quickly of paying unreasonable prices for shit tier quality items from shops like yesstyle (not to knock yesstyle down some items are okay but unbelievably expensive for what they're really worth). I've bought from this store before. They are based in China. Everything in their store is a replica of something else usually Asian brands. Most things are from other shops throughout China (each item has a different tag) and are supposedly discounted ( I got a shirt that and the tag's price was $25 around 160 CNY but it was only $7 on their site) this might be because of 1) Overproduction 2) The item has small defects (I saw a review and someone received a lopsided peter pan dress). The stock photos are of models/celebrities in magazines (sometimes overly photoshopped people) or blogs wearing the original product. Some items are very very close-- which I like. You may see some of these clothes on ebay but for a higher price, probably because they bought them from a similar wholesale establishment like wholesale7 and are trying to make a quick buck since westerners will pay more

Buy at your own risk, it's really hit and miss for some people
but for me I've only had maybe two or three horrendously awful pieces (person in video is not me) and this
was because I neglected to pay attention to sizing and what material
the item was actually made out of

There is no minimum order
each item w/ shipping is usually like $10
it's harmless to just buy one thing to try it out.


Why shopping smart is important

 Rely on the information given instead of the stock photos

♛ Pay attention to what the material is listed as (shirt looks like it's made from cotton? Nope if it says chiffon IT WILL BE CHIFFON)

♛ Pay attention to the measurements and what the color is listed as (A long burgundy tank? Nope it's only 50 cm in length and the color is listed as 'watermelon red' you will probably receive a bright red short tank top)

 Measure yourself in cm to make sure that you don't get clothes that are XS tier when you're size M (This is really common sense, but so many people fall prey to this)

♛ Never trust the stock photo, if it's too good to be true it could very well be.

♛ You can always ask a question for a specific item on the comment tab, they have always responded to me. Examples of these could be "does it come with the belt?", "Is it stretchable?", "Can you unbutton it?". etc.


tl;dr version

The Good: 
Trendy Clothes
Really really cheap
Huge selection (adds stuff daily)
Fast Shipping/Cheap shipping
No minimum order (like wholesale-dress)
Don't have to pay $14 right off the bat for shipping, it's 100% fair

The Bad:
Cheap Quality (F21 Tier and below)
Nothing will look 100% like the picture
Measurements are more reliable than how they look on the model
Everything is a replica "designer inspired"
Some items go out of stock quickly
The staff is sometimes horrible at English, can come off as rude/unhelpful
Stock photos can't be trusted
Some photos have a "vintage" effect that don't reflect the actual color

Now on with the Haul I received!

Reminder: My photos don't do some of the stuff I got
any justice at all, I was very very very satisfied with this
haul and the pictures I took don't look as good
as what they are in reality. Some photos do,
I will point this out.

Most items were chiffon and I didn't iron them
if ironed they will probably look 5 times better.
For this I apologize.

Now item #1

Turndown Collar Chiffon Puff Chiffon Dress

Stock Photo
Sexy Women's Turndown Collar Chiffon Puff Chiffon Dress

What I received 

As you can see this is a really really accurate, quality is great, fits nice,
I love the design. Very very Pleased.



Sleeveless Color Block Dress

Stock Photo:
2012 New Fashion Sleeveless Color Block Dress

What I received:

Again with what I said earlier about not trusting the stock photos. If you pay attention to the stock photo it has the dress in correct unaltered lighting (the small little thing on the lower right) it looks strikingly similar in comparison with the model actually wearing it. The model's picture is photoshopped with the lighting altered to make everything more pale.

I love this dress! It's flattering and I'm even considering getting it in pink. Quality is fine, fits me well, great for summer.



Ink Painting Dress

Stock Photo:
Elegant Ink Painting Round Neck Natural Waist Single Breasted Dress

What I received:

This dress was the reason I did this haul, I think it costs $20 shipped
which is expensive in terms of wholesale7 stuff, but the quality is so niiicee.
And it's almost the same thing as the picture (the ink is in different places but I like it more)
I also think I saw this dress on romwe for like $50 or $60



Summer Sweet Birds Dress

Stock Photo:
Summer Sweet Birds Printing Slim Fit Chiffon Tank Dress

What I received:
It's darker than the picture, but I prefer that. It fits great you can adjust the waist and tie it. Perfect for summer, quality is okay it will last a long time if you take care of it.



Lotus Edge Silk Ribbon Bowknot Blouse

Stock Photo: 
2012 Ladies New Fashion Doll Collar Lotus Edge Silk Ribbon Bowknot Blouse

What I received:
It did come with the tie! I just can't find it now! Bummer.
I really liked this top,the collar is very very very slightly asymmetrical (not like my picture where it's like OHGODWHYISITNOTSTRAIGHT) The pattern is cute, the colors are cute
I might buy it in white someday. 



 Floral Lace Blouse Black

Stock Photo:
Summer Trendy Floral Lace Casual Blouse Black

What I received:

Yeah it's a lot shorter-- see what I told you guys!
I broke my own rule and I trusted the stock photo
the length is listed as 60cm which is around
the length of an average shirt.
This is still a really really nice top though, if ironed it'd be perfect.



Diamond Buttons Sleeveless Blouse

Stock Photo:
New Vogue Diamond Buttons Sleeveless Blouse

What I received:
My picture gives this top NO JUSTICE
It's similar to the stock picture, it's a very close shade and everything (but the denim is true to color on my photo) the top I got looks blush I guess?  The buttons are shiny and are so cute!



 Floral Print Navy Blue Blouse

Stock Photo:
Stunning New Floral Print Puff Sleeve Blouse Navy Blue

What I received:
Again my photo gives this top NO JUSTICE AGAIN, it looks the same as the stock picture
it's kind of thin but isn't as see through as the stock picture. The floral print is all over the back and the sleeves just as described on the pictures. I love this. I wore it today.



 Dots Natural Waist Skirt

Stock Photo:
Summer Personality Womens Dots Natural Waist Skirt

What I received:

Colors and fit are the same, it's stretchable which is nice. Made out of chiffon, is a little thin. Wish I could iron it right now. The belt looks cheap DO NOT WANT.


1/5 for the belt


Pleated Japanese Style Shorts

Stock Photo:
2012 Ladies New Fashion Pure Color Pleated Japanese Style Shorts
What I received:
These skorts look exactly like the stock photo in terms of design and fit and the quality was really really good. Like it's so thick and badass it even has a cute tie thing. The color is slightly more vibrant in real life though which I like.



Flouncing Dots Chiffon Dress

Stock Photo:
Summer New Sweet Girls Flouncing Dots Chiffon Dress

What I received:
The embellishments on the collar weren't while like the lace on the bottom, it kind of gave it a weird imbalance, the collar was also made out of a thin-ish chiffon when I expected cotton. I'm so afraid the buttons are going to fall out because they are insecurely sewn in.



Waist Short Pants

Stock Photo:
Korea New Women's Fashion Empire Waist Short Pants

What I received:
When I wear these they look like the stock picture. The belt is really misshapen and I probably won't use it anymore, they aren't as warm as the stock photo (the stock photo has shit lighting)
but I love these shorts, I wish they had pockets though.



Slim Fit Blouse Navy blue

Stock Photo:
2012 New Korea Bowknot Short Sleeve Slim Fit Blouse Navy blue

What I received:
Oh god this was wasted on me. It looks awesome-- especially the ribbon charm it's such good quality, the bells are actual metal instead of plastic. I wore it and one of the buttons popped out and I lost it.
The sleeves looked awkward and too big on me. I cut them off and it looks 50 times better on me, also the sleeves had buttons on them so I'll use one to sew back onto the the area that popped out.


4/5 when I cut the sleeves off

Anyway that's all folks. Thank you so much if you read all of that. I also have a wholesale020 order coming and if you want to see my review please follow my blog. I will also wear most of these garments on my lookbook account. 
Again thank you, have a good day.


  1. What are your measurements if you don't mind me asking and is the sleeveless color block dress blue or pink? There's 2 options on the website, one for blue and another for pink, but I'm unsure if it's the top part or bottom part the color applies to. Sorry for all the questions, but thank you! :]

  2. The one I choose is blue, and apparently the color is determined by the color of the actual ( larger ) fabric of the dress instead of the tiny top part and the buttons. Alternatively if you choose 'pink' you'll get this one

    Also for my measurements an easy way is for me to choose dresses that fit is to just to measure your bust size, mine is 32 inches which is about 82 cm. I prefer looser clothing so if the bust for a dress or a top is over 84 cm or so it will fit me comfortably.

    I'm sorry for the late reply, I hoped I helped. :)

  3. is the sleeveless color block dress and polka dot skirt see through and does the pink colorblock dress have an inner lining?

    1. The polka dot skirt didn't have an inner lining. I've worn it about five times already but it isn't see through (thankfully lol).
      As for the color block dress it has an inner lining for the skirt
      part which is cool and it isn't see through. None of the items I received were really see through though. And yeah I was scarred to buy chiffon products from sites like this because many other bloggers preached about how they will always be sheer and see through because of low quality. Thankfully I've never ran into that problem.

  4. I decided to take a chance and order the Ink Painting dress, but I'm a bit nervous. I saw another review of this dress, and the one the blogger received looks nowhere near as nice as yours does. I guess the quality changes from dress to dress...but I'd really like to receive a dress as pretty as the one you got >o<. Also, are the buttons on the green dress sewn on or glued on? The thing is, I've also bought the Sleeveless Color Block Dress before, and while it looked cute, I just found out that the buttons are glued on :P. I just don't want to receive another dress like that.

    1. When I wrote "green dress" I was still talking about the Ink Painting Dress, not the green birds dress. Sorry for the confusion! >o<

    2. Did the other person get the same ink dress from wholesale7? All of the stuff they sell are replicated items and some of the qualities do differ. But to answer your question yeah the buttons are glued on o_O but they are pretty stable, it also helps that they only serve as a "decoration" because you don't use them. The dress has a zipper on the side so you can slip into it. Anyway I'm glad you asked because I never even noticed the buttons were glued on, it's really not noticeable and they're pretty sturdy I tried tugging on them xD

    3. Yeah, the other person ordered the same dress from wholesale7 too, and I don't think her dress even came with any buttons. o.O Oh well...I'll just hope for the best. Thank you for answering my questions! ^▽^

  5. Hi! long did you received your orders when you bought at wholesale7?..I really wanted to buy since I am planning to sell it online, but my worries are I might get scam..Please help I wanted to make sure if they are legitimate. Thanks.=)

    1. It really depends on the shipping service you decide on.
      The cheapest can be around a week or two weeks! The only way it would
      be a scam in my opinion is if they never sent you anything after you paid them
      and they've never done that to me. It's still a pretty shaky place to buy clothes though don't get me wrong-- but where else am I going to get the cutest $30 shoes!?!?! :)

  6. You definitely have me hooked on this store! SO cheap, and I appreciate you taking the time to include both stock photos and what you received, it's extremely helpul!
    Cute haul, also! :) xoxo You might see a Wholesale7 haul on my blog too sometime soon. ;)

    Leesa -

    1. Oh awesome whenever you publish your post send me the link
      to my email: ! :D

  7. How much did you spend in in total?