Monday, December 17, 2012

MUCHACHA CAT BAG! and other magical items.

Do you like my bag from Ahcahcum Muchacha? It came all the way from Japan! It's probably the
cutest bag I have ever seen in my life. It's a vintage cat tapestry-esque tote! It's also worth saying that I find it absolutely odd due to the fact that it's upside down. Although honestly I feel that this is brilliant because the little ears can hang down. It's super cute! And if you look on the right the zipper has a little tail attached to it! I swear it matches almost everything

This is what it looks like on the side view. As you can see it takes a triangular form. Also it still caries the print on the sides as well. Not sure how I really feel about it but it's pretty congruent so far. Oh and don't mind the dress on my table I just like to include it in pictures.

 It also came with this cute little cat coin purse! How CUTE IS IT!? Don't really know what
to store inside of it yet. Perhaps coins? Maybe yeah I might put coins into a coin purse..

 Next are these brogue boot from Romwe finally arrived! So excited to wear them in the winter!
Meh I feel like I could wear this for every season. 

 I'm totally in love with the details . . . <3

 I also got this sweater from Sheinside! It's super comfortable and soft and I love the general fit.

That's all for now guys! What do you think of my recent purchases lately?
How should I style them? Also above is me taking a picture of you so I can steal
your soul and devour them to feed to my hair-- for sustenance. SUSTENANCE!


  1. Hello! Your blog is entirely adorable, the layout, the pictures, just everything! And that kitty bag is one of the cutest I've ever seen. I have an owl bag which I find pretty cute. WHy have a bag and not have it shaped like an animal?

  2. You blog is wonderful!

  3. OMG. THAT BAG. Pair it with as many other cat accessories as possible, the more the better. haha ;) (seriously)

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  5. THAT BAG! I have a white one like it and i didn't even know there were others, oh god!

    I love you blog, I just found it and have been scrolling away, haha.



  6. Hey girl! Love your style :)
    Love your blog! :)
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  7. super gorgeous bag! i'm falling in love with it, nice post <3

  8. now that I know your blog, I must to follow it!!!!!!!!!!!
    very nice:)


  9. Envy!! I've always wanted that bag but it's so expensive ; v ;