Monday, July 9, 2012

There's a Bluebird In My Heart

How do you like my new bag from
I think it's lovely and romantic looking. It sort of reminds me of a cupcake.
This outfit merged dark elements with really cutesy elements.

Today I watched Brave and I loved it! The animation was so beautiful and I loved
how realistically they made Merida's hair look. I'm a great fan of Pixar, I feel that the animation they did with Brave was splendid and very vividly detailed. I had a great night although I think I ate too much popcorn.


  1. love the pink/black combo! that purse is adorable! and the dress is really cool I think! You look cute in it :)

  2. Such a cute and vintage ensemble you got there <3

  3. hello!
    I love your blog!
    and your outfits :)
    everything is great!
    hey! follow us?

  4. Lovely coloros!
    The bag is gorgeous

  5. your outfit is very cute and OMG! you look like a doll <3
    your blog is very interestimg and good. now i am a new follower, sweetie :)))


  6. Where did you get those shoes? I love them, and they're pulled off very well with that outfit.
    Btw, I found your wholesale7 review really useful. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks! I'm glad you found my post helpful! Also I got the shoes at wholesale7 a looooong time ago. They aren't even on their site anymore :(

  7. nice dress!

  8. Your blog is really lovely and you're soooo cute! :) I love your style!
    I follow you now!

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