Monday, July 1, 2013


hat, heels, brogues, dress, blouse(similar)
Hey everyone I just wanted to make a post about how I love the styles that go in the lines of 'spring fashion'. You know the like: florals, brights, pastels, lace, flowy materials and of course chiffon. Lamenting the fact that I have to endure this hot summer weather but I mean at least it's not that difficult to incorporate spring wear to summer. The transition is pretty common. When it's hot enough that I start growing a sweat mustache I just want to retreat back indoors (with a fan!). It's odd I say I hate heat when I'm from the Philippines-- but I guess the difference is there isn't a beach to cool off where I live at the moment. Curse you Oklahoma.

Anyhow I won't be shopping at Forever 21 for a while despite how much I love fast fashion. I guess I'm just holding a grudge because they left the security ink device on the wide brim boater hat I have pictured above. Yeah I didn't steal it. I have the receipt but my problem was that it would take me an hour and $20 worth of gasoline to go back and have them correct all of this. So here's what I did: I cut a part of the ribbon on the hat to get the ink device off :(  Yeah it sucks but it doesn't look bad at all and I'm going to sew it back to health! I guess in the end I learned my lesson: always check what the cashier is doing because they are also humans that are capable of making mistakes. 

Haha, now that we got that drama out of the way the clothes I have in the photo are all pretty old like I can't find where the dress is anywhere I can't even find one that's similar. :< As for the rest I managed to put the links. Such as the cute cut out brogues ( I love them!) and the hat from Forever 21. You might have noticed those completely gorgeous platform heels they are UH-MAY-ZING. Deandri has amazing shoes! Too bad buying all of it will put a giant hole in my poor college student wallet (believe me I try to stop those urges). But I mean I had to have the Helga-- in white of course. It's perfect. If Deandri's shoes are in your budget let me tell you this: I envy you right now. As for the random flower crown it's DIY duh. There are so many tutorials on youtube it's so easy to make! I mean just glue flowers onto something anddd DONE! If you want one then don't hesitate :) GO out there and make one!
Random updates: I cut my bangs! I really like them above my eye brows I feel like it makes me look less like half of my face is hair and I think it really frames my face. Also so much less trying to move hair out of my eyes. Haha my roots are fracking long :( Some people think they are intentional but I'm going to be honest it's the product of my laziness and complete carelessness of hair care. Soon I'm going to get them dyed and post more outfit looks and totally stream line my blog. I heard through the grapevine that they're getting rid of Google reader so I'd really appreciate it if you guys followed my blog on bloglovin' instead! Take care now gals!
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Mary Hèlèn 


  1. Awww man deandri shoes drive me crazy!! But i'm pretty sure if I got some, I would end up never wearing them because they also look mighty impractical. Do you ever wear yours out and about? & Are they comfy?

    1. Oooo Hey there Annika! c:
      Haha well surprisingly they are pretty comfy
      they don't feel like pumps or anything (I can't walk in pumps) They feel
      more like wedges.
      I think it has a lot to do with the 2.5 inch platform since the heel is
      around 5 inches tall it feels like you're wearing a 3 inch heel it's like
      magic! Also the heel is really chunky which makes it more stable. And Yes!
      I have wore them out a few times it's very functional but my main problem is
      after a while, probably around 5 hours of wear, my feet start to ache(?) I think it's because my feet aren't used to being at an angle heels give you. I'm more of a flats/platforms girl though. c:

  2. Your blog is so creative and cute. I'm follower <3

  3. Aww, sucks that the detector thing was still attached to the hat! That happened once to me, with a pair of Abercrombie leggings. Too lazy to bring it back, so I just cut it out. ;n; Had a big hole, but whatever.

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  4. OMG,this shoes are amazing...I really like your blog.^^
    Maybe follow each other on bloglovin?
    Let me know follow you then back.
    Lovely greets nessa