Sunday, May 12, 2013


A. Hey everyone, I've been lagging on the blogging lately (as usual).But I'm going to try to get into the habit of it more sooooo here are some secondhand items, new shoes, as well as a diy floral headband I recently made. The secondhand items are a cute vintage straw hat with two flowers sewn on, some seashell earrings, and some cute white gloves! I think each secondhand item was around $2 except the hat it was pretty penny (or $15 rather). When I saw the hat I was instantly in love with it. I really wish there were more secondhand shops where I live but I don't really mind making a little trip somewhere. It's kind of exciting! 
B. As for the flowers... well I just have always kind of secretly wanted to have a floral headpiece *guilty pleasure*. They were fairly easy to make, although the craftsmanship is obviously unskilled. Haha my method was just glue-ing flowers onto a headband with a glue gun! I admit it actually was really fun and I think the internet will survive without me having to make a 'tutorial' for it (because floral headpieces are serious business). I do plan to make more since it's pretty easy and I am going to work on my sewing and possibly acquiring higher quality faux flowers.
C. Also there's something about white flowers that I'm fascinated by. I've always found them to be a little morbid as they are associated with purity along with funerals and death. Anyways enough of that-- back to the actual hat! When I first saw it I thought it was black but then I realized that it's actually a very dark blue. I have no idea what I'm going to wear it with yet but even if I don't really use it that much just having it feels oddly satisfying? I honestly think hats with flowers are really elegant I wonder why they went out of style? On another note I wish I could appraise this hat because I have no idea what era it's from or if it's even truly vintage. :(

D. I think floral accents are great for spring. And honestly $4.89 right now doesn't sound like a bad price at all lol. I think the stylized illustration of the woman and the hat look really lush! As tempting as it was to live in such times though I don't think I feel like I was 'born in the wrong time' or anything like that-- I really like our modern medicine and technology! 

E. Here's a closeup of the earrings I got for only $2! I don't really wear earrings since I usually have an allergic reaction to them (perhaps it's the type of metal they're made out of). I don't really like wearing earrings they make me feel a little too gaudy and uncomfortable sooooo I'm going to try to make these into sweater clips-- somehow maybe possibly? I'm going to try to go for it.
F. Lastly these shoes really look like doll shoes-- like plastic toy shoes on barbies. I love them! Vivienne Westwood and Melissa collaborated on the design of these wedges and I think it's absolutely brilliant. I use them quite often as they feel like rubber and are super super comfortable.  They are perfect to use during a nice day on a bike through a park ( I did that yesterday woo ).
Thanks for reading. See you in my next blog post! - xx Mary


  1. I loved your flatforms so much! And the floral headband is so much cutie.

  2. Oh my deer ! ! ! ! So amazing ! I'm craving your sandals ! Did you buy them online? If you do, please reply me on my blog where. Aw!