Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I'm The Worst Blogger Ever

Haven't blogged in a while
Here's an outfit for today guys!

Here's some tunes!
This song inspired my outfit as well. :)

Here we go! Time to break out the mouse wheel.

These shoes.. I found them to be quite interesting. It's as if brogues, creepers and platforms had a threesome together and produced this lovely wonder! I do appreciate the frilly socks with them, don't you?


At first you might think I was some kind of house wife cleaning lady without the belt or the cardigan but I like floral stuff and romper/dress things you know? Also I didn't let the wrinkles bother me one bit! I thought it made it sort of unique. :)


The brogue creeper platform in its natural habitat. Yes, another glamour shot of these beauties. I love them so, although based on the responses from people I know it's either love or absolute hate with these shoes.
"Dats a rly weird shoe mary, wai did u bye dat!!!??" >_>; cause it's awesome and I like it . . .
Wear what you like guys!


So my hair bun went mitosis on me. Suddenly pulled this "Oh I'm going to be two buns now okay?" without my consent! I really do have no control over my hair and I find it to be unpredictable, at least this isn't too bad, or is it?


Finally the outfit in its entirety. I feel that my hair made the black part of the shoes 'match'. I  guess I'll have to wear other black stuff if I dye my hair a different color, now I'm reluctant to do so. Curse you wonderful  shoes!

Thanks for reading!

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